Bath Essentials Bundle

Dhs. 170 Dhs. 200

Experience pure indulgence with our Bath Essentials Bundle. It includes a luxurious bath salt, an exfoliating soap bar, a refreshing body wash, our best selling dessert soap and bath accessories. A touch of spa-like tranquility brought to your bathroom, ensuring the ultimate pampering experience. Perfect for gift giving or self-love treats. These luxurious items combine to create a serene at-home spa experience, perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation.

The bundle includes

1. Amethyst Whipped Body Wash 

Imagine taking a bath with Whipping Cream!

Indulge in our multi functional luxurious whipped soap. This moisturizing treat promises to be a lavish bathing experience, and is suitable for all skin types. Extra creamy, fluffy & a gentle cleanser that can be used on your whole body. A little goes a long way on a shower scrunchie or sponge.

2. Aloha Orchid Botanical Bath Soak 

A handmade botanical body & foot salt soak to soothe your muscles, hydrate your skin, and relieve aches and pains.

Whether you want to loosen up in a warm tub of water or relax your tired feet in a foot bath, this soothing soak is perfect to get rid of all the stress and tension of the day or even the whole week. It helps reduce swelling and allows for easier exfoliation of dead skin. The sensual fragrance soothes your senses and helps get rid of any unpleasant odor.

3. French Vanilla Mocha Coffee Scrub Soap

The French Vanilla Mocha soap is a Coffee Bean Scrub Soap. We use dark roast Arabica coffee beans! It is enriched with Skin Loving Oils & Butters and scented with Chocolate, Vanilla and Coffee. Ideal for exfoliating your skin and it smells so yum.

It is highly recommended for skin with ingrown hair problems. Our customers love it as it helps remove dead skin from elbows and knees and gives skin an even tone color.

Exfoliating skin before moisturizing is a requirement, so that you remove the dead skin turnover from the top layer of your skin and let the natural new skin generation take its course. Removal of dead skin ensures better absorption of any treatment you do on the skin.

4. Confetti Cake Dessert Soap (Set of 2)

A burst of confetti will brighten up anyone’s day and leave them feeling refreshed for the rest of the it and the pop of color is all anybody needs to crack a smile. Celebrate and give yourself a well deserved break with Confetti Cake!

5. Bamboo Soap Tray

The Skin Concept Wooden Soap Tray is a practical and stylish accessory designed to enhance your daily bathing routine. It is specifically crafted to hold and prolong the life of your bar soap. 

6. Lathering Mesh Bag 

The Skin Concept Nylon Foaming Soap Mesh Bag is a unique and innovative accessory designed to enhance your bathing or showering experience. Made from high-quality nylon material, this mesh bag creates a luxurious foaming lather when used with your favorite soap or body wash.


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