Introducing The Skin Concept: where the magic of sustainable halal beauty meets science. We're dedicated to creating luxurious bath and skincare experiences by blending advanced formulations with Mother Nature's finest herbs and botanicals. We Handcraft Bath and Skincare Products in the United Arab Emirates.

We believe that skincare is about looking good and feeling great too. The Skin Concept is a sustainable brand; ethical sourcing, recyclable/reusable packaging, and a firm no-go on animal testing are the building blocks of our ethos. We incorporate zero waste policy into all of our products and processes. So every time you pick up one of our products, you're also helping keep our planet green. We have incorporated  UN's SDGs into our ecosystem and are dedicated to implementing them at all levels. Being a handmade brand, The Skin Concept also helps create jobs. We exclusively hire women for manufacturing our products. We are made with love by women for women.

The Skin Concept is about making a smart, sustainable choice. We invite you to embrace self-care, savor the pleasure of exquisite textures & fragrances, experience the transformative power of nature's herbs & botanicals, and minimize your environmental impact. Its an artform and we are focused on making your regime a beautiful, happy experience.



The Skin Concept wants to inspire individuals to embrace self-care and experience the transformative power of nature's beauty, while minimizing their environmental impact.


To create a world where everyone has access to affordable and sustainable skincare solutions. A world where skincare is not just a choice, but an ethical, sustainable, and delightful journey, transforming every routine into an experience of natural beauty and joy. A world where human beauty does not lead to waste generation to make the environment ugly.


To passionately handcraft aesthetically pleasing and high-quality, zero-waste skincare products that nurture the skin and minimize environmental impact. We prioritize direct engagement with our community, ensuring ethical practices, swift service, and unparalleled experiences that evoke happiness with every glance and touch.


To lead the skincare industry in sustainable practices by 2030, expanding our reach globally, and setting the gold standard for ethical, zero waste and affordable skincare. We aim to empower individuals to embrace their natural beauty while leaving a minimal footprint on our planet.

As we forge ahead, our commitment remains to deliver products that are not just skin-deep but resonate with the soul, creating a harmonious bond between nature, well-being, and timeless beauty.