Founder/Conscious Executive Officer 

Aisha Chishti is the founder and Conscious Executive Officer of The Skin Concept. She is an impact entrepreneur who curates clean and sustainable skincare solutions, and creates luxurious bathing experiences. Aisha has extensive experience in the beauty industry and previously ran a franchise of an international herbal cosmetic brand. She is passionate about clean beauty and sustainability, and draws inspiration from nature. Aisha Chishti grew up with the philosophy that only edible products should be applied to the skin. The Skin Concept handcrafts sustainable beauty products, including bath and body care, facial care, and hair care products.



Digital Lead

Farhan Siddiqui is the primary digital representative for our brand. He has been a part of our team since July 2020, initially as a third-party service provider before transitioning to a full-time role. Farhan is highly enthusiastic and brings a lot of energy and creative ideas to our company. He has been instrumental in helping us reach our target audience and expand our digital presence.



Business Lead

As the head of business, Samina Hussain oversees all aspects of communication, handles inventory management, supervises the sales team, and ensures seamless day-to-day operations. Samina has been instrumental in securing lucrative business leads and manages the brand's B2B relationships.



Product Lead

Sanaa Ahmed serves as the Lead of the Brand's Creative Product team. She is a driven individual who began her journey with us as an intern and has since risen to the forefront of our Product department. In her role, Sanaa assists the company in creating and launching innovative products, testing new concepts, and turning them into visually appealing and sustainable products.


As a team, we are dedicated to establishing a sustainable business with a positive impact and driving its growth worldwide.