Donut Bath Bomb

Dhs. 25

Introducing our delightful Donut Bath Bomb, a perfect blend of fun, sustainability, and natural indulgence for bath time! Crafted with an eye for eco-friendliness, this charming bath bomb is not only a treat for the senses but also a friend to the environment. Its playful donut shape, complete with vibrant, natural colors, turns any bath into a whimsical experience, especially appealing to kids.

Infused with a delightful bubblegum fragrance oil, this bath bomb releases a sweet, nostalgic aroma that fills the air, reminiscent of joyful days at the fair. The scent is carefully formulated with natural oils, ensuring a gentle, skin-friendly experience.

As the bath bomb fizzes away, it creates a playful display of colors, turning bath time into an exciting and enjoyable activity for kids. The natural bubblegum scent lingers gently on the skin, leaving behind a sweet, comforting fragrance that kids adore.

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