The Skin Concept Gift Box for Children

Dhs. 130

Bath Time Is More Than Just Getting Children Clean!

Our carefully curated gift box for children helps make bath time a wholesome experience for both children and parents equally. 

Research has shown that there are so many ways to stimulate your child’s senses when bathing. 

  • Playing with bubbles helps babies develop hand-eye coordination and discover objects exist even when they can’t be seen. 
  • Smell in general can evoke powerful emotions, and a clean, fresh, after-bath smell appears to be no exception for parents.
  • Listening to bath time music or talking back and forth with baby can stimulate parts of the brain responsible for memory and language development. 

While doing all that, our products are made keeping in mind the gentle skin of children. They help moisturize, nourish and provide sensitive care for children.

This Gift Box for Children includes:

1 Soap Artisanal-Butter Bums-Baby
2 Soap Luxury-Unicorn Island
3 Soap Luxury-Candyland
4 Bath Bomb-Rainbow Cloud Fizzy
5 Bath Bomb- Bunny Fizzy
6 Gift Box-white


The box is customizable. Let us know in the order notes if you'd like to change the products for same price products.

*Patch test is recommended before using any new product on the skin.

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