3 in 1 Fragrance Free Liquid Wash

Dhs. 35

Introducing The Skin Concept Fragrance-Free 3-in-1 Wash, an indispensable travel companion offering the functionality of a shampoo, body wash, and hand wash, all in a single reusable bottle. This multi-purpose product has been carefully formulated to be mild yet effective, suitable for all skin and hair types. It is also very safe to use as  face wash. however we recommend a patch test before applying to the face.

Created with simplicity and convenience in mind, our 3-in-1 fragrance free wash is perfect for Hajj and Umrah travelers. Its fragrance-free formulation respects the religious requirements of Ihram, where wearing scented products is not permissible. It's compact and travel-friendly, helping you reduce the amount of toiletries you need to carry. With its versatile use, it simplifies your cleansing routine during your spiritual journey. Plus, its gentle, hypoallergenic formulation ensures it won't irritate the skin or eyes, even after frequent use.

Our Fragrance-Free 3-in-1 Wash truly embodies practicality without compromising on care, making it the ideal choice for your journey's hygiene needs. Travel light, stay clean, and focus on the experience with our 3-in-1 fragrance free wash by your side.

3 in 1 Wash-Shampoo, Body Wash and Hand Wash.
Skin loving ingredients
Leakage and Breakage proof packaging-Relockable pump.
Travel Friendly Size
Ihram Compliant

Patch test before using as face wash


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